Sunday, March 05, 2006


I woke up very late this morning. It was almost 8:00 AM! I'd been up until almost 3:00 AM, working on this blog. Britty and I went out and sold some candy bars to the neighbors for her MGA Choir trip this morning. We sold alot actually. I was surprised! I guess it's because Britty has such a nice smile and they all know me pretty well. Debbie and I went down too Barnes and Noble in Redlands and I thought I'd by a book, but I'm just feeling cheap lately. I even have a gift card from Christmas, but I feel the need to save my money. I think I got that from my Dad. I sure wish my parents lived closer. They live up in Northern California, a long 13 hour drive from here. They are still together and this year it will be 50 years they've been married. I think that's really something. I mowed the front and played with the dogs for awhile and that made me feel better. I like my little dogs, they mean alot to me. Chili is mine, Coco belongs to Debbie, and Candy is Britty's little girl. Three Miniature Pinschers are alot of work. Tonight, Marty and Lonnie are taking us out for dinner. I'm hungry and we are going to my favorite Mexican place, El Charo, in Cherry Valley. I have to go get ready so I'll write more later.

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