Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I didn't sleep last night, but then I never do when Debbie is gone. I really miss her alot. I think I got about three hours asleep. We had the 7th grade writing exam today at school. I don't have any 7th grade students, so I did have to give it. The change in the schedule made my 8th grade kids crazy. They just didn't calm down all day, it was a struggle for control. I talked with Debbie and she seemed to be doing okay, better then me. She's in Tucson, AZ for business. She'll be back on Friday. Britty had a softball game after school. Britty pitched and played 3rd base. She did a great job, hit a few good base hits and threw some serious heat. They defeated Apple Valley Christian, 11-1 in a mercy game. When we got home, I bbq'd some hamburgers and relaxed with Marty for dinner. Then just time to relax with the dogs and some reading.

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