Thursday, March 09, 2006


It was another flex day. The kids left at noon. We had tutoring for an hour after lunch. Students, who are not passing Math or Language Arts are required to attend. It only lasts an hour, and it doesn't seem like it does much good. I don't think most of the kids care. We had a parent conference. Then I left for home. I had to pick-up Britty, at 6:30 PM. after MGA Varsity Softball practice. Then off to my Kiwanis meeting at Marlas restaurant in Beaumont. It was a nice meeting. I was sworn in along with six others. About twenty five members attended. We had a nice dinner and ceremony. I met alot of really nice people. Kiwanis has both male and female members. It is a service club who's main focus is helping kids. I guess that's why I joined.

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