Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Home alone

My little baby and I had our lives interrupted by my jury duty. I had to wait to be dismissed, because of my background and the fact that I wanted to be with Izzy. I'm home now until August 16th. Then I have to go back to teaching. My wife, Debbie is going to stay home for awhile on family leave and then work from home. She's made such a change in my life. I'd about given up on ever having a child of my own. I already see alot of changes in my behavior. I think she'll make me a much nicer person and more loving to my wife and step daughter. I'm home alone with her for the first time. I have alot of questions and not many answers, so I'm winging it. She's been good so far and I've already made her a lunch. Breakfast went off without a hitch, I'm very careful feeding her. I don't like making a mess. I'm amazed how small she is but how fast she can move. I have go and check on her.

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