Saturday, July 29, 2006


I have so much to do today. She woke-up about 5:00 AM and Debbie brought into our room and laid down with her. She gave her a bottle and she went to sleep for another hour. I got up and started the day. I have to get ready to go to church. She's such a good girl and I want her to grow up loving God as much as I do. That's not always an easy thing and I have no idea how I got to where I am with Him today. We got to church on time and it went well. We had to take her old during the sermon, but not because she lost it, like two other kids, she just needed to move around alittle bit and talk. Debbie and Britty took her to Cradle Role for Sabbath school and I went to Contemporary Issues class. It was nice to think about some of current issues facing Adventists today. I even spoke and and started a discussion. Now I'm home, Izzy is taking a nap and Britty and Debbie went to Costco to pick-up party supplies. My friend Jack and his wife, Wendy came over early before the party started and it was really nice to see him. I'm glad he likes Izzy. He and I have been friends for along time and although he doesn't understand why I wanted to adopt, I knew he'd love my baby. I think I'm going to ask him to be Izzy's God Father. I know he's a good enough friend to take care of her if something bad happened to Debbie or I. He's a very good person inside. The party came and went. It seemed like everyone showed up. The kids all had fun and that was good. I'm not one to like alot of people to come over but it went smooth. Izzy made out like a bandit. She got alot of clothes and toys.

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