Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quiet now

Everyone is asleep now. It's nice that it's quiet. I like the order and peacefulness, that was before, but I love having Izzy. I was talking with Debbie today and told her that I was amazed how fast Izzy has just taken my heart. To look at her when she is sleeping is amazing. I love her so very much. I finally got some things done today. Debbie watched Izzy while I ran a few errands and took care of some yardwork. Class was a complete waste of time as usual tonight. I just want to get done. It's not that the teacher is bad. I just don't have any interest in the material. I have some more pictures to post in the morning, but it's getting late and I need to rest so I can take care of my baby. I really am looking foreword to seeing her in the morning. Coco and Candy are laying next to me just cuddling for now. I have to get her birthday party organized for Saturday.

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