Friday, July 28, 2006

Today was Izzy's Birthday

It's her first birthday today. Debbie had to go to work, so we are having our party after church on Sabbath (Saturday). She woke-up early this morning, 5:45 AM. So her and I had breakfast and went for a stroller cruise. We visited with some neighbors and had a nice time. The morning was filled with Ice Cream Truck rides, music and playing with toys. She took a one hour nap about 9:00 AM. The more playing and another stroller cruise. She went down for another nap right after lunch. She just crawled over grabbed a blanket and went to sleep for three hours. That was nice. I made some flyers for her birthday party and relaxed, although I just can't completely relax without Debbie here. When Debbie came home we BBQ'd some burgers, and had some birthday cake. She sure can eat. Izzy can really plow down some food. It's amazing how much she eats! I can't believe the amounts. Then a bath for Izzy and she is out for the night. She never seems to fuss with me but Debbie has the worst time putting her down for naps or sleep. I spent some time just resting today and that was nice. I miss that part of being without a baby, but the good out weighs the bad. I really love my little Izzy.

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