Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday with Izzy

Today we drove into Los Angeles to visit some relatives. My Uncle Forrest and Aunt Janice live in Monterey Park, just East of downtown L.A. I had some other relatives visiting from Iowa and we had all decided to meet there. We picked up a few pizzas for everyone to have for lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon visiting. Izzy was a big hit as usual, and was very busy. I didn't have much time to visit, since Britty, Debbie and I had to take turns watching Izzy so she would tear the house up too bad or hurt herself. The house wasn't kid friendly, but everything went well. It's always nice to see my relatives from Iowa. They are from Laurens, Iowa which is in the North/Central part of the state near Storm Lake. My Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Janice are my Mother's sisters. Aunt Marilyn's son Bill, his wife, Kristy and two grown children, Dean and Marie all came together. I hope that makes sense. I really remember all the fun times I spent visiting Iowa as a kid. They are such nice people. I think that people back there are just generally much friendlier. It really made me remember some good things about growing up. It was a much simpler time for me. I wish I could go back and forget about today, just for a short while. It would be so nice to not have to worry about things. I just have to work harder at letting go of things. The drive in wasn't so bad and we didn't hit any traffic. On the way back we hit alittle traffic, but nothing bad. Overall it was a nice day to visit.

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