Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday at the Library

Today, Izzy and I went to the Beaumont Public Library. They have a class for toddlers to help build the skills needed to learn to read. Izzy and I took two neighbor girls, Allie and Kelly with us. Allie and Kelly are twins, and they are in the 8th grade. They got bored with staying home. So we all went and had fun. They taught the "B' sound and made books today. It was really crowded and it was a madhouse with kids and parents all over the place. It kind of stressed me out. That many kids running around crazy, just doesn't sit well with me. I like some order in the house and that was impossible. I guess all the parents and kids had fun, so I just need to relax and enjoy it too. Izzy and I of course took along walk in the morning before going to the library and when we can home we had a nice lunch. Izzy napped and I completed all my yard work. I really liked getting that done it made me feel so much better about things to know I finished something. After getting done with that, I watched Britty and Izzy play in the pool in the backyard. After Izzy went to sleep and we had dinner. Jack and I meet at Starbucks here in Beaumont for coffee and chatted until closing. Now some sleep.

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