Friday, June 29, 2007


Another morning walk with Izzy and we stopped at the playground. A man and his young daughter stopped at the park while we played and he was riding a Segway. Follow the link to check it out, It's pretty cool so he and I chatted for awhile about it while the girls played together. I sure wish I had a toy like that. After we got home and cleaned up, Izzy and I left to run some errands. I picked up the part I ordered at Redlands Toyota, picked up my check at work/school, and had lunch at PJ's Brew Pub in Moreno Valley with Ryan. Izzy was a real handful, but I did manage to have my meal and visit some with Ryan.
When we got home Izzy took a nap. I did all my yardwork, and my yard sure looks good. Debbie, Izzy and I went to Chuckie Cheese in Hemet with the neighbors for dinner. The place is brand new and it was madness. Kids running all over the place and money being spent on poor pizza and games. I didn't enjoy it at all and I don't think it was a good place for Izzy either. She didn't seem to really have that good of a time. Debbie and the neighbors enjoyed it though. Chuckie never even came out for the kids.

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