Thursday, June 28, 2007


Long walks with Izzy in the morning, and some playtime at the playground. I had to run some errands during the day. I had to order a part at Redlands Toyota for my Tundra, the driver's side access door window latch broke. Then off to check out the new "My Gym" to sign Izzy up for classes, toddler exercise. I ordered the Wood laminate flooring for the house at Home Depot and then went to the San Bernardino Blood Bank. At the Blood bank I was deferred because of low iron. That's been a problem before and I haven"t been feeling well lately anyway. Debbie told me I had to go get a good meal and that I needed to start eating three meals a day and not skip meals. So off to "Famous Dave's BBQ" in Redlands. I had beef brisket Texas style, corn on the cobb, baked beans, corn muffin, fries and a salad. It seemed like alot of food when I ordered, but the portions are small and the beef was luke warm. Not much of a meal, poor actually. I won't be returning and don't think it's worth the price or effort. I had four hours to waste before my dinner meeting started, so I went to Barnes and Noble bookstore and the Adventist Book Center. Then a dinner meeting at Coco's in San Bernardino and my "AA" meeting. I just got home as Izzy was just getting to sleep.

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